Apply For A Permit

Many properties in Lake County have regulatory water features such as streams and wetlands that require additional coordination prior to initiating construction. Streams may be small enough to step over and can be dry most of the year (ephemeral); however, if they are a natural erosional feature with a defined bed and bank they should be avoided.  Wetlands may also be present in the form of wooded wetlands and sedge meadow wetlands.  Most wetlands in Lake County do not have the outward appearance of a wetland.  In order to determine if these features are actually present on the property you would need to contract with a biologist with training in delineation methods.  They will provide you with a map of regulatory features on the property.  If you can not avoid these features; you will likely be required to obtain a permit from the USACE and/or OEPA.  If you would like to discuss a the potential for these types of features to be present on a particular property; please contact the District for a consultation.