Springbrook Gardens Park Wetland Restoration

Springbrook Gardens Park Wetland Restoration (Phase I) was completed January 27, 2022 in the City of Mentor and the Marsh Creek Watershed. The City of Mentor, in partnership with Chagrin River Watershed Partners and Lake County Soil and Water Conservation District, was awarded an Ohio EPA Section 319(h) grant in 2018 to restore the wetlands located at Springbrook Garden Park. 

Prior to construction, the stream channel was a channelized agricultural ditch with no access to its floodplain and limited wildlife habitat. To address these issues the channel was widened and sand seepage berms were installed to help hold back water and create wetland habitat. Sand seepage berms, mounds constructed of the sandy soil found on the site and mixed with wood chips, help to spread stormwater out to the floodplain and filter pollutants. 2.75 acres of wetlands were reconstructed and restored adjacent to the stream channel and 2.25 acres of wetlands were reconnected to the stream. Native riparian and wetland species were planted to complete the restoration. 

This project provides flood and erosion control, stormwater filtration, groundwater recharge, and wildlife habitat. The second phase of this project was awarded Ohio EPA Section 319(h) grant in 2020 and addresses the condition of the upstream channel and lack of floodplain access.