Mesic to Dry Native Pollinator Mix – Restoration Seed Mix


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16 oz, 4 oz

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These native seed mixes are designed to increase plant diversity and wildlife interest as well as stabilize soils along your stream, pond or bluff. Cover crop seeds are good for keeping disturbed soils covered. When mixed with native seed mixes they act as a nurse crop, protecting tender seedlings. 4 oz Coverage amounts listed in each description.

Mesic to Dry Native Pollinator Mix

16 oz/$45, 4 oz/$12.50

Excellent for wildlife food and shelter, including pollinators.

4 oz covers approximately 1,500 ft2

Contains: Little Bluestem, Virginia Wildrye,

Indiangrass, Purple Coneflower Tioga

Deertongue, Partridge Pea, Lanceleaf

Coreopsis, Blackeyed Susan, Blue Vervain,

Oxeye Sunflower, Golden Alexanders,

Roundhead Lespedeza, Tall White

Beardtongue, Butterfly Milkweed, Narrowleaf

Mountainmint, Wild Senna, Heath Aster,

New England Aster, Swamp Milkweed, Blue

False Indigo, White Avens, Browneyed

Susan, Wild Bergamot, Common Milkweed,

Gray Goldenrod, Zigzag Aster, Boneset, White

Goldenrod, Early Goldenrod.

Height: 1-6 ft.

For best results mix 6 oz of common rye cover

crop for every 4 oz of Pollinator Mix.

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